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Instagram has made it easier to share the media with friends and loved ones in terms of commoners. For the businesses, Instagram has been an almighty marketing king providing with newer options to connect with the audience. 
Time to time instagram changes it's algorithm with new trends so it's important for Marketers to stay updated with changing trends social platforms. for many businesses, it may seem it is impossible to conquer ever-changing algorithms on popular social media platforms such as Instagram.
However, I've collected 11 useful Instagram growth hacks that can be used without trying to reinvent the wheel that still result in growth in followers, engagement, and profitability, with a proper research & practical experience.
Boost your Instagram engagement in 2022.

1. Create a Strategy For Your Instagram Growth Hacks
Before starting your Instagram growth hacking, it is best to sit down and define an in-depth strategy that serves as a roadmap for how you will accomplish your Instagram growth goals. Define specific goals you would like to achieve in your Instagram account, including the desired level of your followers, as well as how many leads and sales you want by a specific date.

It is best to create a content creation strategy to maximize engagement with your target audience. Furthermore, people often follow a page because they believe the content within it was exceptional. Post photos or videos that would appeal to your target audience, and you should consider investing in a graphic artist or a videographer to maintain even a better brand perception with your audience. You should also even strategize how you would include different types of content, including product-oriented, user-generated, or customer-focused.

I also recommend defining how often you plan to post each content category. There is also an 80/20 Rule where it basically suggests that 20% of your content should focus on selling, while the other 80% of your content should focus on emotionally engaging your Instagram audience.

You may also want to consider engaging with posts on your Instagram feed relevant to your business on other accounts, as it often builds additional visibility for your brand. Try to be focused on the most recent posts as this activity is more effective as you engage with Instagram content that has been more recently posted.

Monitor your account and leverage user-generated content to build social proof, which will only build trust with your audience that people need to go to your business as opposed to your competitors.

Create a landing page, and place the link to it within your Instagram bio , to make it easy for your followers to visit relevant links of interest. You can also leverage this page to feed traffic into a marketing funnel in an effort to convert your Instagram audience into clients.

Also, you may want to consider using a post scheduler such as PromoRepublic that can help you design professional-looking posts, and help you get a content calendar to show the most ideal times to post your content. In addition, tracking your performance and benchmarking it against competitors will help you further amplify the performance of the Instagram growth hacks that your business deploys.

2. Create a Business Profile
The biggest Instagram hack that will allow you to succeed in growing your Instagram presence is to create a business profile. A business profile will allow you to gain access to Instagram Analytics which will provide insights into how your audience engages with your presence. Therefore, you can adapt your strategy to focus on initiatives that work well, while reducing focus on what is ineffective.

3. Create an Instagram Caption Strategy
Creating an Instagram caption strategy is a great way to capture your audience’s attention.

Integrate emojis that match with the descriptions or emotions that one may feel when you read your post.

Use tags to feature your best customers or staff members with their permission. After all, your audience will love seeing the people behind your business.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags
Creating an Instagram hashtag strategy helps your business grow followers. Hashtags serve as a social media discovery tool to boost your Instagram followers, as the Instagram algorithm will show your post to people interested in the hashtag’s topic.

There are opportunities to create the following types of hashtags: branded, community, and campaign. Your branded hashtag allows your target audience can easily identify and associate it with a business. Users can click this specific hashtag to easily see what posts have been made in the past within your Instagram account.

One best practice is to include 5-10 hashtags in the actual Instagram post and additional hashtags in the actual comments. It is useful to save successful hashtags for future use with tools such as Preview and Later.

5. Use Instagram Paid Advertising & paid traffic
At first glance, it may not even seem worth investing in paid advertising when compared to organic efforts to grow audiences. However, it has proven to be necessary since the social media landscape and its algorithms are constantly changing.

Instagram provides opportunities through paid advertising to expand your targeted audience to demographics who may not already be quite familiar with your brand from the start. It tends to be rather precise and offers formats such as standard photos/videos, carousel posts, and Story Ads. 

Choosing to invest in paid advertising may help accomplish specific marketing goals such as building brand awareness and ultimately, converting to sales. You may also want to cross-promote your Instagram ads on Facebook to reach a wider audience.

6. Cash In On Instagram Stories and IGTV
Cross-promoting Instagram Stories on both Facebook and Instagram can further increase the number of impressions a post receives. It is a highly recommended technique among other InstagramCash In On Instagram Stories and IGTV marketing strategies. You can also create Story Highlights to feature your best stories, which could be a strategic way to feature a key offering or event. Plus, IGTV video content can be featured as a Story or a post which helps increase the visibility and viewer engagement of longer-form content within the account feed. Consider using this feature by tapping on the IGTV icon within the app or downloading the IGTV app separately.

Also, keep in mind that discoverable hashtags can be used along with the current hashtag strategy, clickable links, or mentions (i.e. social profile) in the video descriptions to assist with improving your growth strategy for your business.

On a side note, brands promote live streams that tend to be prioritized within social media algorithms. It may be worth testing how this could potentially benefit your business now that Instagram wants to shift live streams to IGTV by adding a new button feature that would allow watching and viewing video content much easier.

Use Instagram Stories as a way to promote user-generated content. For example, if someone attended a fitness class at your gym and featured how strong they felt afterward and tagged your business, you can feature that story, which becomes exceptional social proof.

7. Create an Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy
When creating an Influencer Marketing strategy, it is best to identify relevant influencers in your niche who share similar goals and interests. Explore if they have an audience that you are potentially trying to reach to collaborate with your business (i.e. blog highlights, brand tag mentions, and sponsored posts). Evaluate the brands they may already be promoting to see if they are complementary, not competitors to your business. There are useful influencer search tools such as Intellifluence that can help with this key step and save a lot of time in the long run. Otherwise, you can search for popular hashtags in your niche, and then reach out to accounts that are relevant, but not competing, with your brand.

Start by seeking out micro-influencers with under 50,000 followers, as they tend to be more receptive to work for lower prices. Then you can gradually grow the account size that you work with, which will mean that you will also offer larger payments to those with larger accounts.

You might also want to feature Influencers’ quotes, which provide social proof and authenticity when you integrate them into your content as they know who it is. Make sure you don’t rely on others’ citations but refer to the original blog post, video, or book to use their content. Remember to save the reference so you can provide the source if someone asks. You also want to provide proper attribution to the influencer by tagging them.

8. Share Your Twitter Content on Instagram
You could share a screenshot tweet, or simply write the text of your tweet onto Instagram. When you also add your Twitter handle and the Twitter logo to your posts, you can also cross-promote your social media accounts and accelerate the growth of your follower base. It’s also a great way to keep content fresh, especially since your organic reach can decline if you do not post anything for a while. You should consider all that you do to share answers, ask questions, and post content that amazes people.

You might also want to start a cross-platform contest. In essence, you are maximizing the value that you get for the prize you give away as you can maximize exposure across multiple platforms and reach your audience at their preferred platform.

9. Start Conversations In Comments
Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to respond to their followers in the comments section of each post. Commenting helps increase engagement on your account. Replying to users’ comments that contain valuable advice also creates an authentic connection with them.

In turn, when Instagram notices a surge in engagement, it features the account more often since they want users to remain on the platform for longer periods of time. When users remain on Instagram longer, they become more profitable as the platform can increase advertising revenue.

Lastly, businesses of any size can truly take advantage of this list of effective Instagram growth hacks to grow their followers, increase engagement and find new customers. Plus, consider these particular Instagram Marketing considerations that can potentially help businesses get started in developing better growth hacking strategies and tactics.

10. Run an Instagram Giveaway
An Instagram giveaway is a great way to trigger user-generated content and leverage your current followers to spread brand awareness. We recommend using a giveaway loop strategy where you partner with other influencers who pitch in for an amazing giveaway prize. In turn, this will help the contest become more viral while reducing your costs for running the giveaway. You could also provide additional entries to users who want to participate in the contest to like the accounts of all sponsors of the contest, as well as like, share, and comment on the post to receive a chance for winning the prize. This is also a great tactic to incentivize user-generated content which will amplify how your

11. Leverage Video Content
Creating fun videos to create an Instagram Reel helps you amplify audience engagement. You can even leverage your video more by posting it on your Youtube channel. This is a great way to acquire new followers since Instagram circulates videos more proactively than images.

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