UMX : Rising Kashmiri Artist Breaks Barriers in the Music Industry


In the picturesque town of Bijbehara, Anantnag, Kashmir, a rising star named UMX, or Umar Mukhtar, is making waves in the music industry. 

Hailing from the valley of Kashmir, UMX wears many hats – he is not just a rapper but also a singer, songwriter, composer, and a visual artist with skills in graphic design and sketching.

UMX draws inspiration from the desire to create a better life for himself and provide for his family in ways that nobody else could. His journey is fueled by the aspiration to be a kind-hearted individual, and this determination propels him forward in his multifaceted career.

What sets UMX apart is his evolving source of inspiration. Initially drawing from people and artists, he now finds profound motivation in art itself, especially when it resonates with his own experiences. This connection to art becomes a driving force behind his creativity.

While UMX modestly refrains from calling his accomplishments "achievements," his track record speaks volumes. He was the youngest member of Koshur Nizam, a renowned hip-hop collective in Kashmir, showcasing his early entry into the vibrant music scene of the region. Although not currently part of the group, UMX's contributions left a lasting impact.

Breaking barriers, UMX proudly stands as the only rapper and artist from South Kashmir to represent himself, Kashmir, and the genre of rap on significant platforms. His track "Dal ke Kinare" gained massive traction, trending all over India on YouTube and amassing an impressive 2 million views within just two weeks of its release.

Collaboration is key in the music industry, and UMX has seamlessly integrated with the big names in the Kashmiri music scene, including Arslan Nizami, Ahmer, Sxr, and Sos. 

The artist has more collaborations in the works, with an upcoming release titled 'Ik Raat,' a poignant track about 'The night my beloved killed me,' featuring Arslan Nizami. Anticipation is high for what promises to be a significant milestone in UMX's career.

Adding another feather to his cap, UMX is now signed to Artiste First, one of the largest Mumbai-based music labels. This move catapults him into a broader musical landscape, opening new avenues for his talent to shine.

UMX's impact extends beyond regional borders, as he stands as one of the first rappers in the Kashmir music scene to have a song trending nationally. His versatility is also noteworthy, boasting the most extensive range of genres explored by a single Kashmiri artist.

As UMX continues his journey, he remains true to his 'never stop' attitude, always chasing the next dream. In doing so, he not only elevates his own career but also contributes significantly to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Kashmiri music. Keep an eye on UMX as he continues to break barriers and redefine success in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

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