Kentay Cowboy: The Country Rap Trailblazer From Columbus



Rising Country Rapper Kentay Cowboy Bringing a New Sound to the Midwest

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Kentay Cowboy is shaking up the music scene with his unique blend of country and rap. After going viral in the Midwest with his 2019 song "Quality Time," this rising artist decided to forge his own lane by combining the sounds of country music with hard-hitting rap beats and lyrics.

Kentay's high-energy personality and one-of-a-kind performances have been earning him legions of fans across genres. He cites country stars like Tim McGraw, Kane Brown, and Brett Young as major influences, while also drawing inspiration from rap heavyweights such as Gucci Mane, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Wayne, and Doobie.

In fact, Kentay recently joined Doobie on the "Bat Shxt Krazy" tour, sharing the stage with fellow up-and-comers Caskey and Anella Herim. These live shows have allowed the charismatic performer to showcase his electrifying presence and versatility in front of growing audiences.

With more and more artists genre-blending and "converting to country" as Kentay puts it, he feels the timing is perfect to drop the kind of boundary-pushing music he's been crafting. The cowboy rapper has his sights set on broader recognition with the upcoming release of his EP "Out of the Shadows" in April.

The project will feature two lead singles that perfectly encapsulate Kentay's signature style - the hard-hitting "Don't Scuff My Boots" and the introspective "Secret Keeper." Drawing from his unique backgrounds in both country and hip-hop, tracks like these highlight his ability to seamlessly blend pop-sensible melodies with thumping 808s and braggadocio bars.

"This Cowboy comes with a Kick Yeeehaw! Let's ride," declares the rising star about his impending musical arrival.

Indeed, with his energetic mix of styles and unmistakable swagger, Kentay Cowboy is positioning himself to kick down doors for a whole new brand of country-influenced hip-hop. Fans across the Midwest have already been drawn to his singular sound and spirited live performances. Now with "Out of the Shadows" on the horizon, this genre-blurring artist is ready to bring his music to the masses and leave a permanent mark on multiple genres.

From Columbus, Ohio to stages and airwaves nationwide, Kentay Cowboy is a name you'll be hearing more and more once he truly emerges from the shadows next month. With a boots-on-the-ground approach and no fear of breaking down boundaries, this is one Cowboy that demands your attention. Saddle up and get ready for the ride.


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