Why luxury lifestyle is important in life?


 He lived a life of luxury”, “I wish I owned those pairs of luxurious shoes that he does”- I

cannot emphasize the number of instances we have complained about owning a brand or

living luxury.

Luxury- a term that sparks our minds, ignites our ideas and most often ends with a state of

conviction or disbelief. More often than not, luxury is a state of comfort that mostly is

believed to be attained involving great expense. But is the latter always the case? As I’m

about to broach this subject, grab some coffee, light up a silver sequinned scented candle

and sit back.

If you’re wondering why I mentioned the vibe you need to tune into- you’re about to find out.

What is luxury?

Apart from the multitude of synonyms that are a google search away, I believe it is a

condition of happiness and fulfillment, a concept very subjective, an idea changing relatively

with time and trends. But ultimately, a feeling that you’re living the best life. I’m sure most of

us have questioned our limits if we can even get closer to the idea of living our best lives.

The answer is yes! The reason my gut says so is that it means different things to me.

Before kicking off or straight up disagreeing, take a step back and really think about what a

luxury life means to you. You’re just where you need to be ‘cause I have been there too. But

once I defeated the misconception that net worth is proportional to luxury, the tables have

really turned for the better.

True luxury is the epitome of comfort and convenience. Comfort isn’t expensive, it’s the

simple things that calm your mind and make you happy. Convenience isn’t brought.

Although, it could be. However, humans are constantly in the run for more. The true meaning

of fulfillment is lost in this ride of dissatisfaction. It’s never-ending.

The only way to attain this state of contentment is to believe you’re happy by making better

today than yesterdays by altering and adopting a few changes in lifestyle, finances,

relationships and everyday routines. Luxury isn’t as impossible as it sounds, is it?

1. Better today than yesterday

As literal as it sounds it means progress. As the OG would say, grow through what you go

through. It’s given that not all of us can afford an expensive taste. But when I redefine luxury,

that’s where it is a game-changer. Now, what’s better than complaining about a gloomy day

is actually trying to make it better for you and for your surroundings. Because, a luxury.

lifestyle is nothing but finding happiness in you- within and around. What can you do to make

your todays better than yesterdays? Why is that essential?

2. Our daily to-do is a weapon of choice

Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring and mundane unless it’s a pretty

boomerang. Adapting any change of choice or interest not just lights up your mood but also

keeps you happier than you try to be otherwise following a boring schedule. The overnight

change in a routine isn’t as easy as making overnight oatmeal, I know. Or is it? See what I

did there?

Adding a new meal, learning a new skill, can all make your todays a lot better and more fun.

Anything that makes you happy- one habit at a time.

As Warren Buffett says, “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be

broken”. It is important to make easy and simple changes replacing any bad habits because

there lies the true sense of living. Slimming down the schedule widens the scope for a happy

mood-lifting change.

It is highly important to clear your mind and space from everyday overwhelming things to

experience a calm body and mind by sometimes embracing the art of doing nothing, going

tech-free, taking your time off the screens you reading this from- they’re all a step closer to

experience your own luxury.

Remember how I mentioned candles and coffee when we started off?

Here’s why:

Self-care is the utmost form of a luxurious lifestyle. I cannot emphasize enough how

important it is to love yourself as a part of living a satisfactory life. A spa day, a night care

regime, a skincare routine, a self-gift, a holiday, a day out, some fun.

3. Focus on your mind and body

A healthy lifestyle is a luxury lifestyle. Your body and mind are a house you dwell in until you

breathe your last and it can never second an expensive home. Investing in the body and

taking good care of it, indulging in a toxic-free state of mind and a cleaner environment not

only makes us energized, confident but also brings out the best version of ourselves.

Speaking of a cleaner space, a real sense of luxury lies in relationships. Humans as social

as we are, our life becomes meaningful only when we have a close-knit social circle to

celebrate or vent. One cannot afford to break relationships or even tag a price for them.

4. Quality over quantity

Now coming to the idealistic approach, investing in quality products that stand the test of

time, from wardrobe to furniture, splurging all out, investing in financial security is highly

important. One penny at a time expands your vision to live the life of your dreams.

No matter how much I strive, luxury cannot be attained if I don’t appreciate what I achieve

with each passing day. It is important to acknowledge our little luxuries, finding it in a glass of

wine, a family, a wardrobe, a gift, my body, a routine, a house, investment and if you’re

lucky- heavy checks and ticked off bucket lists.

Tell me some of the luxury experiences you had and are worth sharing?

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